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May 10, 2014

South Africa

Onika's trip with The Auntie Foundation
As many of you are aware here at Silchester we support a charity called The Auntie Foundation, and last week I was privileged enough to be a part of such a life changing experience by having the opportunity to go to Cape Town in South Africa. I witnessed first-hand the benefit of the money raised, and had the most inspiring trip being around such hard working and caring people. The Auntie Foundation supports education in the poorest environments in South African townships, during my week in South Africa I spent a lot of time in the townships looking at many different nursery settings. This was a massive eye opener to me as the Mama’s (carers) take the children off the streets, and bring them into their setting just to protect them from harm and abuse. The environment in which the community are living in is just indescribable and I have never witnessed anything like this before. However the fact that the Mamas are going out of their way to protect and educate the children is fantastic. In the majority of settings that I visited, the children had not a single thing to play with but yet the children were so full of joy and love.

To be able to watch our staff members across the company up close with the children was a great lesson for me, it highlighted the role and importance of our practitioners at Silchester and how much they add to the care, happiness and development of our children.

Between the 12 nurseries in our small Group, and thanks to the parents who support us, we have raised an incredible £30,000 in the last year alone. This money will make a huge difference to children living in extreme circumstances, and will also provide a better education for many children, which will enhance their possibilities in life. This is due to your help and support and we would like to say a huge thank you for all your contributions and donations this year. The money raised this year will also support Mama Martha’s setting to help her to continue to remain sustainable, we are also helping Mama Mavis to complete the development of a new nursery setting, as previous staff who visited the township wanted to raise enough money to help develop her nursery which had over 130 children and not enough space. She was facing prosecution and maybe imprisonment for having too many children. Finally the rest of the money raised will help cover the costs of training for the Mama’s to help them provide a better education programme for the children.

This trip has inspired me to try my best to raise even more money to help in any way possible. If you have any ideas of new ways to fundraise, please pop into the office and let me know it would be greatly appreciated.

We would like to thank you all for your continuous help and support as this charity is very important to us. Being able to see how the money we have raised is making a significant difference to many children’s lives was such an inspiring experience.
Many Thanks