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Oct 24, 2013

Creating Our Mud Garden

Parent Donations For Our Mud Garden Gratefully Received ...

Children naturally explore their surroundings and our aim is to provide a variety of resources to support their learning in the garden, using MUD! We are very excited to make our mud garden but we need our parents help to make this happen.

Children will benefit from this in many ways by using their imagination – cooking with mud, making mud pies etc. Mathematical development by weighing, sorting and measuring their ingredients and their physical skills developing their fine and gross motor control. These are just some of the opportunities that creating a mud garden would provide along with hours of being creative and getting messy.

There are many different resources that we need to make our mud garden, and parents can help by donating old items to us. Anything from
•    Washing up bowls
•    Weighing scales
•    Saucepans
•    Frying pans
•    Different size metal and plastic containers
•    Baskets
•    Different size plant pots
•    Tea pots
•    Trays
•    Baking tins
•    Plastic or metal bowls and plates
•    Cooking utensils such as ice cream scoops, wooden spoons, sieves, whisks, spatulas etc
•    Jars
•    Gravel
•    Pebbles
•    Plants
•    Old microwaves, Kettles
•    Different size jugs
•    Old sinks, shelving units and cupboards
•    Wooden boxes

We’re very excited about starting this project with the children and would like to thank parents in advance for their support in helping us with this.
Kind regards