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Nov 29, 2014

November 2014 Newsletter


Welcome to November’s Newsletter, 

Garden Development
The garden is beginning to take shape and the children are all enjoying being outside and playing with all the lovely new resources. We are still currently outstanding some pieces for the outdoor area that are in the process of being handmade, once these items have been delivered this will complete the garden transformation. 

Nursery Photography.
Just to let you know the photographs will be in nursery from the 1st week of December.

Key Fobs
Also just another gentle reminder that we have a key fob system at the front door entry and therefore you will need a key fob to gain access into the building. They key fob is a £10 cash deposit payable into the office, the deposit is refundable when you return the key fob. We would appreciate if all parents purchased a key fob.

Extra Sessions
As this is a busy time of year in nursery we will be unable to take extra sessions from the 15th – 24th of December, This is due to staffing the nursery appropriately during this busy month. 

Just a reminder

Tuesday 16th December 3:00 – 4:30 Christmas party – Children can come into nursery in their Christmas jumpers or party clothes (Everyone welcome- for those children not attending on a Tuesday parents will need to stay with their child/ children. 

Wednesday 17th December 9:00-11:00 – 3:00 -5:00 Stay and Play Christmas craft Session Friends and Family are welcome to come along and join your child in some festive activities

Key Person Displays
Recently we gave implemented a new key worker system into the setting. We believe all children should have a sense of belonging whilst in the nursery enabling them to make positive relationship and enhance their continuous progression in the development of all areas. Our new key worker system provides children with a key area that they are welcome to at the beginning of each session. They will be greeted by their key worker and will sit with their key group during a range of group times particularly in the morning and afternoon these group times will consist of letter and sounds sessions, mathematics, story time, singing and rhyme, baby signing and Makaton. This provides a small comfortable place for the child to go back to during the day, a place where they can feel safe and secure to optimise maximum learning experiences. Our aim is to instill a sense of belonging into each individual that attends this setting. The key worker system will encourage children’s confidence, develop relationships and give the child a sense of citizenship.

News from the room

Babies: We have had new children settling into the baby room. We would like to welcome Minnie, Remy and Henry. Some of our babies have made a smooth transition into the Toddler room and we wish them the best of luck in their new room. Our babies have particularly enjoyed sensory play such as wet sand, shaving foam and painting.

We are now introducing baby massage sessions for the babies to spend 1-1 time with each other and practitioners helping the babies to relax. Please speak to staff members in the room for more details.


Toddlers: Toddlers have been busy exploring the new toys in the outdoor area, they have had lots of fun using the buggies to push around the babies. We have some fantastic new resources in the garden and the toddlers have shown a significant interest in the musical instruments. We have also created the key person display boards which are coming together nicely.

Toddlers would like to welcome Keellin and Issace from the baby room, they have both settled really well into their new environment.


2-3s: This month in the 2-3's room we have been creating sounds by blowing bubbles and doing bubble painting activities and exploring bubbles in the water tray by using their senses. Some of the children showed interest in using the bubbles to bath the babies to represent their experiences in play and acting out experiences with the babies in the home corner and in the baby room. The children have shown curiosity as they explored the new outdoor area with all the new resources spending significant time in stimulating activities.

We have also done lots of messy play activities where children used their senses to explore the different activities and also used tools to make marks in the shaving foam, paint, sand, rice and play dough.

We would like to welcome Dahlia and Jojo to the room.


Pre-school: This month Pre School have been exploring the new equipment and resources in the outdoors, in particular the tubing, pipes and guttering and the dree flow graduated water tray. The children have been finding new ways to transport the water by connecting and disconnecting pipes as well as functioning the on/off concept of the taps.

Also this month we have been interested in the living world, focusing on the mini beasts. We have found a wide range of mini beasts in our garden such as woodlice, beetles, worms, large ants, snails and slugs. We have also enjoyed making habitats for these creatures and watching them through magnifying glasses.

Thank you Pre School Team.


Staff Update 

Office Staff:

Onika Edwards – Nursery Manager

Clare Deegan – Administrator 



Shareen Iqbal – Room Leader Level 3

Denise McGrath- Level 2

Sandy Barker – Lunchtime Assistant 



Subia Khan - Room Leader Level 3

Tayyaba Iqbal– Nursery Apprentice

Jenni Ann Kieser – Lunchtime Assistant 



Jameela Basharat – Room leader/Deputy Manager

Sam Bains – Nursery Nurse Level 3

Amina Bostan– Nursery Nurse Level 3

Julia Glaiser – Nursery Nurse Level 3

Jessica Pausey – Apprentice

Nelly Hudson – Lunchtime Assistant 



lLaura Doyle – Room leader Level 4#/SENCO

Lianne Miller – Nursery Nurse Level 4/ Lead Practitioner

Sam Gibbs - Nursery Nurse Level 3

Sara Yeowell – Nursery Apprentice

Diana Ridgewell – Lunchtime Assistant 



Jackie Langley – Chef 


Bank Staff:

Karis Dennison – Nursery Nurse Level 3

Zenab – Nursery Assistant

Rahat – Nursery Assistant